National Directories - COMING SOON
Launching Spring 2013, our National Directory websites will encompass many UK-Wide directories together with specific directories for each of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The directories will be separate and noticeably different to our more locally targeted Websites and will enhance your online marketing yet further.
At the point of launch, all pre-existing Microsite members who are signed up to our e-mail Newsletter (check out the bottom of the page but, don’t worry, we’ll remind you!), will be offered the chance to create up to 2 free listings for their business on a selection of our National Directory websites that are relevant to them. Additional listings over the 2 complimentary ones will be available at a small additional cost.
Even if you are in the unfortunate position of not currently partnering with Tour.iSM you’ll still be able to view and purchase a selection of our National Directories to discover the perfect way to market your business online! But remember, if you sign up for a Microsite before the launch of our National Directories, you'll guarantee your place in the queue for two FREE listings like everyone else!